Matt Laws

I’ve been into computers since the early 1980’s, and tinkering with code ever since. A self confessed computing nerd & geek. My first computer was used to make crazy sounds, and a couple of simple games. I learned what I could about it, then moved onto larger computers.

My first computer, I spent my early years on the spectrum.

I’ve created a variety of online businesses for myself and others, so am familiar with typical web technologies used to give visitors the best experience possible. I’ve managed a large community which required me to develop back end systems to enable moderation at scale. I’ve used various API to gather social media data. Over the years, I’ve become not just a web designer, but a full stack developer with a mass of skills that empower all my projects with the depth needed for the current trends online.

Recent projects

I then went on to work at a startup in the Enniscorthy & Wexford area, which exposed me to more aspects of businesses online, such as back end management systems, rapid prototyping, design, mobile development, and masses other useful nuggets. I loved the team work, and saw how much more extensive the scope of a project became as the pool of talent grew. I started as a developer, but soon moved into research and innovation.

Mobile design was a huge challenge


Innovation happens when exposed to the masses of options, and aim for the bigger goals. Then a process of mixing it mentally until you find solutions to the niche. That’s the space I excel in, and within a team, I keep a finger on all the pulses – I need to juggle all the information to be able to see where innovation might be able to happen. Between these moments, I’ve managed projects in a relaxed manner (who needs micro-management!), and generally have fun with the process. Work should be a passion where we push ourselves into heights untold.

Current position

My current passion is to improve my design skills, something that’s been lacking since I’ve spent most my time coding back end features. I spend time going through the bleeding edge of designs out there for inspiration, and integrate those elements into my own style.

It wasn’t all coding 24/7 though. I’ve made music that went global in the late 90’s, love art, carpentry, and mess about with anything I can lay my hands on. I pretty much love making things, and always aspire to bring my best to whatever situation I’m in.

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